June 21, 2021

Woman fights her man as he attempts to prevent her from evicting the ‘side chic’ that was in his car (video)

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A video going viral shows a woman attacking a man, said to be her boyfriend, and a woman who was riding with him in his car.

The supposed girlfriend opened theΒ door of the passenger’s side of the car, pulled off the wig of the side chick, and flung it away.

The man then tried to intervene by holding his woman from attacking the woman in the car. But she refused and struggled with the man so she could get to the alleged side chic.

She eventually succeeded in removing the “side chic” from her man’s car.

Spectators filming the clash are heard commenting, asking if the side chic knows what the girlfriend has suffered for her to want to sit in front of her man’s car.

The incident is said to have happened out in Ghana.

Watch the video below;

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