August 12, 2022

The authorities need to visit this place” Resident expresses concern as work continues on a partially collapsed building in Lekki (video)

A Lagos resident has raised alarm after he came across builders working on a soon to collapse building in Lekki, Lagos State.

The resident explained that a part of the building collapsed, yet the builders are still working on the faulty structure.

He called on the authorities to intervene to ensure that the right thing is done so that it doesn’t end up costing the lives of innocent people.

“This building partially collapsed some days ago,” the concerned citizen began. “Now, instead of alerting the authorities, they’re trying to fix it themselves. “

“This building is supposed to be brought down and not this thing they’re doing. The authorities need to visit this place,” he added.

‘’This is along Lekki Gardens Phase 4 by General Paint busstop.”

Watch the video below;

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