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Popularly known, Sign language has being viewed as the language of the deafs globally. But today, the world thinking about Sign Language has being modified. 

Sigh Language which can be categorized into different translations has stood the test of time and is the next high level language replacing signal communication.

Sign Language which is sub divided into American Sign language (ASL) is globally accepted, just like English Language.

There are other translations like the Spanish sign language, Philippine sign language, Chinese sign language among many others.

But this article focus on the African Nigeria Sign Language (NSL). The NSL which is common among local African deafs helps them understand context, signs, broadcast and messages easily.

Read along carefully as we discuss in details all you have to know about the Nigerian Sign Language, and Sign Language as a High level Signal Code Language.

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 This Article is going to answer some major sign language questions you may have being wondering about.

All you have to do is scroll to the question that matters to you, or read the entire article patiently.

What is Sign Language?
What is the benefit of Sign Language?
How and where can you use Sign Language?
Where to learn Sign language?

What is Sign Language!

Sign language system of communication with people who can not hear or speak, by using hand movements in communicating rather than using spoken words.

What is the Benefit of Sign Language
This question has troubled so many persons and the answers are finally here.

Improves Memories and Retention – Behavioural Research shows that children who learn simple sign language skills improves their spelling and retentive skills. Signing helps users remember spelling words mentally and that makes it hard to forget.

Improves Discreet Communication- Do you know giving out a rose 🌹 sends a message? Do you know hugging at some situations sends a signal and message?
Sign language builds body language skills, emotional skills and mental communication skills.

Sign Language Builds Contextual Vocabulary – This is certainly one of the most important one. Some signs in ‘sign language’ defines themselves. You have very little or no time thinking of meanings.

Secret Level and Distant Communication –
Sign language is being use by every average person 10-25 times daily. Two signers don’t need come close to talk, signing from far distance is far enough.

Sign language Saves Interruption –
This is the most iconic benefits of sign language. This particular benefits got lot of examples.

Example :- You are in a radio station sound room with several people participating in a live talk show. With ASL you can communicate with people during a live recording without talking and interrupting the show.

This is just some of the many benefits of learning Sign Language.

Where Can You Use Sign Language

Sign language can be used any where at any time. But some of the primary places includes :

  • Weddings
  • Debate 
  • Religious Event 
  • During class 
  • In Studio  
  • Far distance communication 
  • Television Broadcast 
  • Seminar 
  • And many more locations.

Where to Learn Sign Language

Some many persons claims to know sign language, but this certainly is not true.

Unlike normal English Language, Some signs in Sign Language are being updated and the update has never mattered to those who claim to teach sign language.

The Nigerian Sign Language (NSL) has being modified from the American Sign Language (ASL) as well.

But officially, Team Xycinews offers training on American Sign language and the Nigerian Sign Language as well.

To learn, visit the link on the last word of this article, Paragraph 7 before the questions.

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PS : This is a guest post written by NEHUB NAAB

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