May 19, 2021

School teacher is caught s^cking his wife’s breasts after forgetting to turn off camera during Zoom class with teenage students (18+video)

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A school teacher in Colombia has gone viral after he was filmed sucking his wife’s breasts after forgetting to turn off his camera during a Zoom class with teenage students. 

Ruben Dario Parras, is a physics tutor at the Educación Educativa San Vicente de Paul Catholic school, in Palmira, Colombia. 

In the video, Ruben, who didn’t realise his camera was still on as he is seen lifting up his wife’s blouse before he appeared to suck her left boob as the 16 and 17-year-old pupils watched on. 

One of the students in the background was heard saying: ‘Oh my God’ and cringes as her teacher canoodles with his wife.

Watch video below:

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