September 22, 2021

Lagos state to persecute Yomi Fabiyi for contempt

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The Lagos State Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) has finalized plans to prosecute Nollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi, for contempt of court over the production of ‘Oko Iyabo.’

Yomi who has been in support for Baba Ijesha right from the onset, released the controversial movie as the alleged sexual assault case of Baba Ijesha continues in court. The movie generated a lot of backlash as those who have seen it claimed it was about the sexual assault on Princess’ foster daughter.

This morning, Baba Ijesha’s trial began in Lagos.

While in court, the DPP director and prosecution counsel, Olayinka Adeyemi, told the court that Yomi made a movie from the facts of Baba Ijesha’s alleged sexual assault case, and using the real names of the defendants and the survivor of the case.

“Despite the warnings of this honourable court, an actor called Yomi Fabiyi went ahead and made a movie about the facts of this case.Oko Iyabo: Lagos state to prosecute Yomi Fabiyi for contempt

He used the real names of the parties and witnesses in this matter in the movie. Our application is to exclude him, his privies and his agents from proceedings in court.

He is not in court at the moment but his representatives may be in court. This is contempt of court and we intend to prosecute him and bring him before this court” the DPP prosecution counsel told the court

The presiding judge, Oluwatoyin Taiwo, responded and said the matter will be investigated.

“This case is subjudice and you are not to be making videos and disparaging comments on social media. This needs to be investigated, let’s see whether it is true, she said

However, one of the lawyers of Baba Ijesha, Dada Awosika, told the court that he has seen the movie and that it was in no way has correlated with the ongoing case.

According to Dada, the movie is about the controversy between two artists, Yomi Fabiyi and Iyabo Ojo and they are not involved in the case.

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