September 22, 2021

Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, raises alarm after surviving an “assassination attempt by men riding in a police van,”

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Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has raised alarm after surviving what he described as an assassination attempt on his life in Asaba, the Delta state capital today, June 22.

Sharing a video on his Facebook page, some men riding in a police van accosting him and one of them pulled out his gun and attempted to fire at him. 

He wrote


Today I escaped assassination attempt by some men dressed on black driving a black Hilux Vehicle with the inscription POLICE (NIGERIA POLICE) fully armed with AK-47 riffle.

This happened today at 1:40pm before the Asaba International Airport. Immediately I noticed I was being trailed, I held my phone with my left hand and drove with my right hand.

I don’t know who they are or who sent them.

The Delta State Police should immediately fish them.

This is the second assassination attempt.

My time has not come”

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