Photos: Pedophile Nigerian man spark outrage after saying he enjoys sleeping with 12 year old teenagers

A Nigerian man identified on Facebook as Austine Okonkwo has received backlash on social media after his comment on a lady who complained about how her husband sleeps with her Elder brother's 12 year old daughter.

Abeg free the man, must he be climbing only you when there is another food in the house. If i happen to be your husband, i will drive you out of my house, then marry that young girl so that i will pound her everyday. I so much enjoy them when they are 12, 13 or 14. he said

He bluntly showed support for defiling teenage girls and this sparked outrage from social media users who were swift to condemn his comment and report his profile on Facebook.

See photos of his post and the Lady's post that triggered his comment below.
Pedophile Man- Austine Okonkwo

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