Photos: Meet the man who exposed Manchester City, leaked details on how he did it and why he was arrested

The updates on Manchester City's two-year restriction from the Champions League has sent shockwaves through the footballing scene. 

While everybody should put a reference bullet beside any general proclamation at this phase because of City's inescapable intrigue, the choice is a huge achievement throughout the entire existence of Financial Fair Play.

What's more, in the wake of the Citizen's ejection from European challenge, heads have turned toward Football Leaks programmer Rui Pinto and the subtleties he uncovered about City in 2015.

As indicated by the Daily Mail, Pinto is the man 'who uncovered Manchester City's breaking of Financial Fair Play rules' and all from the solace of his Portuguese home.


It's been accounted for that Pinto had the option to acquire 70 million reports and 3.4 terabytes of data from his hacks

Football Leaks examination 

An examination concerning City's financials was propelled when Pinto hacked into club email accounts and gave them to individuals from the media.

Pinto was captured and sent to jail in spite of the discoveries being generally applauded he despite everything anticipates preliminary for 90 separate tallies of hacking, damage and misrepresentation.

The 31-year-old was denied an intrigue as of late as Thursday subsequent to going through 11 months in a correctional facility anticipating the decision of the Lisbon Court of Appeal.

Expanding support for Pinto

In any case, the updates on City's boycott saw the hashtag '#freePinto' slanting on Twitter the previous evening and Borussia Dortmund fans even held up a standard calling for specialists to drop the case.

One Twitter client even wrote: "Football Leaks have been the best thing to happen to football.

"Feel so awful the informant Rui Pinto is squandering endlessly in jail for discharging every one of these archives and messages from these clubs which are currently being accustomed to carry them to 'equity'."

All things considered, Pinto was very much aware of the dangers related with the hacks and as of late disclosed to German paper Der Spiegel about the continuous circumstance.

Pinto knew the dangers

"I knew that anything could occur," Pinto conceded. "I realized that Portuguese specialists arraign informants, so I must be prepared for that.

"The Portuguese specialists fear what I know and that is the reason it is significant that I not lose my brain.

"Before all else, I composed notes identified with the case in my scratch pad, however then it was taken from me. My legal counselor was available when they looked through my cell and said it was unlawful to take my notes from me.

"It wasn't the jail watches who did it, however the Portuguese examiners. They do anything they need. It was a month prior to they restored the journal to me."

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