Graphic photo: Alfa and others arrested for stealing the head of a corpse for ritual purpose

A young man prevalently known as Alfa and his associates have been captured after one of them delved into a man's grave to take his head for ritual purposes.

Samson, who got the name Alfa after he finished his Islamic studies, came up with the idea after he was given a book where a late herbalist recorded the tricks of his trade.

Waidi Soremi, 25, of 7, Aboaba Street, Itori-Oke in the Ewekoro Local Government Council Area of Ogun State, is the child of the late botanist. He discovered his dad's record book after his demise and gave it over to Samson, otherwise known as Alfa.

Samson Erinle, 25, experienced the late herbalist book and took unique enthusiasm on the part of lucrative custom he found in the book.

In January, one Taiwo Mesioye, who hailed from a similar neighborhood with them, passed on and was brought home for entombment. Waidi, Samson, and Samson's cousin, named Taiwo Erinle, 23, all went to the burial service.

After the burial service, furnished with the information he got from the cultivator's book gave to him, Alfa called Waidi and Erinle and disclosed to them that it was the ideal opportunity for them to wriggle themselves out of neediness. He said that to do that, they should get the leader of the man who had recently been covered.

Waidi described, as indicated by Crime Puzzle:

"It was during the memorial service that Alfa revealed to me that he got something exceptionally valuable for us from the record book that would change our fortune for good. He stated, with a human head, our condition would be in an ideal situation. At that case, we as a whole consented to search for an approach to burrow the expired grave and utilize the head." 

On January 20, 2020, 9 days after the internment, Waidi without any help assaulted the grave of Mesioye. He uncovered the cadaver, cut off the head, at that point shut the grave back. He said the activity took him 3 hours.

He stated: "I started the activity at about 12:00am to 3:00am".

Alfa and his assistants captured for taking the leader of a cadaver for cash customs (realistic photographs)

Waidi took the cut off head and shrouded it in the town disguise hallowed place, which was opened by Taiwo Erinle, whose father is the caretaker of the said altar.

Nonetheless, when morning came, the late Mesioye's more youthful sibling saw that his sibling's grave had been altered. He at that point stopped an objection with the conventional leader of the town, who cautioned security agents.

The three suspects, it was accumulated, fled the network and sought refuge, yet were angled out by the police investigators, Crime Puzzle reports.

In their confession booth articulations to the police, they all surrendered to have arranged the defilement of the body and portrayed the jobs they all played.

In any case, Samson and Taiwo said that Waidi didn't educate them that he was leaving on the activity that day, a charge Waidi didn't deny.

Associate Inspector-General of Police (AIG) Zone 2, Ahmed Iliyasu has said that the speculates will be charged to court on fulfillment of the examination

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